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    Welcome to the WWUH History site which has been created to help preserve the rich and diverse history of WWUH, the University of Hartford's Public Alternative Radio station on 91.3 FM.
    WWUH was founded by a group of students under the guidance of Clark Smidt.  The station is dedicated to the late Louis K. Roth, a UH Regent who believed in Clark's vision that the university should have its own FM station. It was funding from the Roth family and the hard work and inspiration of Clark and many others who made WWUH possible.  There is no doubt that four decades later, Mr. Roth, if he were alive today, would be very proud of the station he helped create.
    This site is part of an on-going project to document the history of the station.   As this site grows we hope to have two sections for each year, a written description of station activities each year called
"Year in Review" and a photo gallery for that year.  We are starting to add audio as well.
    We are attempting to scan every photo in the station archives and the great majority will eventually be posted on this site.  We are missing photos for a number of years so if you have photos you want to share, please let us know.  We've done our best to identify the photos correctly but if you see something wrong we'd like to know about it.
    Whether you are a WWUH alum or a UH Radio listener, please consider sharing your stories and recollections.
   And don't forget the WWUH Scholarship Fund.  Details at right.

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    This site is updated often so please check back regularly.
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 are available on two pages:
"Audio Documentaries" is a four hour special aired on the station's 40th Anniv. in 2008.
Other air checks can be found on the "Audio" page.

While we make ever effort to ensure the accuracy of the material on this site it should be considered for entertainment purposes only.
    Your suggestions are welcome.  Contact us at wwuh@hartford.edu.

If you are a former WWUH staffer and want to be on our alumni email list contact us at: wwuh@hartford.edu .  You may also be inerested in our Alumni Faceboo page at https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/182724731751720/

Listeners and staff alike are welcome to check our WWUH on Facebook and Linkedin.com.

Former WWUH volunteers are also invited to stay in touch with each other by joining the wwuhalumni Yahoo Group.  Send an email to wwuhalumni-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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