1. Listen to other shows, especially the veterans like Wilde Wayne on Rock and Roll Memory Machine (mentioned not only because he’s a pro, but also because his show kicks off the drive).

  1. As you listen to others pitch on WWUH, you'll know what will work for you and what won't . . . every person has their own pitching style.   Take notes during the week as to what you want to say, reasons why listeners should pledge to WWUH, etc. 


  1. Sound enthusiastic on the air.  Listeners respond to success.  Tell the folks how simple and rewarding pledging is.

  1. Repeat successful pitches.  If you or someone else made a good point earlier — and the phones started ringing — do it again.  You don’t have to present fresh material each time you are on the air.  Just avoid overdoing any one angle too often in the same show.

  1. Let the listeners know you are 100% sold on WWUH Radio.  We offer such varied programming, every shift and show has its fans.

  1. Do mention “behind the scenes” activities and statistics — if you can do so with reasonable accuracy.  A very short commentary about production methods or equipment costs can bring results.  Use the posters on the wall.

  1. Do mention pledge categories (details on wall posters):
  • Sustaining Memberships $100, etc.

Sound positive about all pledge amounts, even small ones.  All sizes of donations are important in helping us reach our goal.

  1. Let people know that when they call their voice will not be heard on the air.  Volunteers will take their calls.  Listeners can donate anonymously as well simply by telling the operator that they do not want their name mentioned on the air.  Remind people that they can also pledge securely on line at wwuh.org.

  1. Remember to thank our present members who pledged last year.  Encourage them to do so again.

  1. Do mention our address.  Some people don’t want to call:

WWUH Fall Fund Drive

University of Hartford

200 Bloomfield Avenue

West Hartford, Connecticut 06117

Encourage people to send in their checks immediately, they’ll get their premiums sooner that way. Remember, some people do not want to call, but they want to pledge anyway.

9.         Read the donor’s name and town over the air (unless marked “ANON”) as this stimulates further pledges.  With anonymous pledges, simply mention the town where the pledge came from.  Thank everyone for pledging, including the people who have already pledged previously during the week.

  1. Use action verbs:
  • “Call now!"
  • "Do it now!”
  • "Join now!”
  • “Dial (860) 768-4008, or toll-free 1-(800) 444-WWUH (i.e., 9984)!

Try to tie your pitching to the station’s alternative programming.  Our programming is the dividend that the listener will receive in return for their investment in WWUH.  Push the concept of supporting our programming, and think of premiums as a thank you gift.

11.       Do relax and enjoy what you are doing.  Very smooth and slick presentations are less effective than natural, sincere pitches.  Be who  you are.

  1. Keep everything positive.


  • “We have 5 lines open for your calls,” instead of: “There are no phone lines lit.”
  • “I know there are many people listening who enjoy WWUH, why don’t you call now,” instead of: “What is the matter with you people, pick up the phone and call!”

13.       Remind your listeners that this is the last time this year that WWUH Radio will ask for donations on the air.

14.       Say "All of our announcers are volunteers," rather than "We have an all volunteer staff."

15.       We have lots of information to read on the posters and cards.

  1. Talk about other programs of the same genre and all types of WWUH programming.  Talk about the other things the station offers, such as:
  • Concerts;
  • The WWUH Listener Line,
  • CD releases;
  • Public Affairs;
  • Movies, etc.

  1. If you choose to play music under your pitches it must be instrumental music behind your talking and it must be keep the music SOFT. No vocal music as it interferes with what you are saying.

  1. Try not to exceed 5 minutes of talking at a time.

  1. Do not announce anonymous pledges, pledge amounts, street addresses or T shirt sizes.

  1. If you’re tired of talking, play some music.

21.       It is your shift, your show should reflect your on-air character, as it does every other day of the week.

  1. The pledging phone numbers for listeners to call are:

Local Calls: 768-4008

Long-Distance/Toll-Free Calls: 1-800-444-WWUH (9984).


22.       Finish every mic break with a closing line.  "Call now" along with the   number for example.

You're listening to WWUH's Fall Fund Drive and we need to raise $35,000 this week to keep the station on the air. Please call now and pledge your support to Alternative Radio. 800-444-9984.

Music is the soul of our community. Everyone here is a music lover just like you.

Music connects us with something timeless and enduring

If you’re tired of hearing the same old same old, tired of the endless repetition and the sanitized playlists you get from the corporate-run radio stations, then join us—we’d love to welcome you as part of the WWUH family.

There are no slick DJs here—just volunteer music lovers like you.

If you have a musical sense of adventure, Alternative Radio is YOUR radio station

We sometimes say we offer you 360 degrees of music on WWUH. The same holds true for the news and information. You hear points of view on this station you won’t hear anywhere else on the dial.

  • Examples:

  • New Focus with Mike DeRosa and New World Notes with Ken Dowst are just two of the talk shows produced here at WWUH by volunteers—community members just like you bringing you news and information that’s local and relevant to your life.
  • Counterspin helps you continue to be a critical media consumer, and to think outside the bounds set by commercial corporate news programs.

If you want to stay informed BEYOND what you get from the mainstream media, then WWUH—your community radio station—is the place to tune.

  • WWUH is able to bring you independent perspectives BECAUSE we’re supported financially by the local community and by people like you.  It’s a system that’s harder and harder to find on the dial, but more important now than ever.

  • We welcome you to take that next all-important step and become a WWUH member.  By doing so, you’re playing an active role in making sure independent media continues to thrive here in Torrington.

Call 800-444-9984 or pledge securely online at our website:


In this age of iPods, satellites, CDs, even cell phones, we know you can get your music from a number of sources. But we try to add value to your listening experience on WWUH…..

  • Volunteer program hosts are knowledgeable companions.

  • They’re credible, accurate, honest and authentic—not slick DJs you hear on corporate commercial stations.

  • They’re focused on the music, not on themselves.

  • They’re enthusiastic and come to WWUH to share their passion/love of the music with you.

  • They’re thoughtful, helping you learn a little bit about the music they present every time you tune in.

  • They constantly strive to enhance your musical experience, not intrude upon it.

Call 800-444-9984 or pledge securely online at our website:  WWUH dot ORG.

  • There is a document that the big media corporations forgot to read: the Federal Communications Act of 1934, most of which is still the law of the land, and it says that the airwaves belong to the people.

  • That means that WE own the radio, not corporate America. At WWUH, we take this seriously.

  • Our job is to play, to speak, to do the things that the mainstream corporate media doesn’t.

  • We give a voice and provide a platform to the underserved communities in Greater Hartford.

  • We’re different. We’re proud that we’re different. We’re homemade, home-crafted. We COME from the communities we serve, and we serve the communities we come from.

  • If you find a lot of sameness up and down the dial, if you crave something completely unique, then we’re for you.

  • Join us and help to build the community we all want to live in.

  • Say no to “fast food radio.” It’s time for radio “made to order for our communities.”

Call 800-444-9984 or pledge securely online at our website: WWUH dot ORG.

  • Commercial radio, and these days even public radio, works for the advertising dollars. Their programming is designed to get the biggest audience no matter what, and then sell that audience to advertisers.

  • Community radio is different. And we’re proud to be different. Not just the music and information we provide, but the way we go about it.

  • WWUH is volunteer powered, volunteer driven. We don’t pander to the lowest common denominator. We play music and offer points of view that are totally ignored by the mainstream media.

  • We are a large group of music lovers, news and public affairs writers, producers and technicians and — all volunteers from our community sharing their passions.

  • Today, when 3-4 companies own nearly every radio station in America, we’re independent, local, free, and based right here at 40 Water St in the heart Torrington.

  • If you want to play a part in YOUR community radio station, you can. You can pledge your support. You can volunteer your time. If you have a good idea, you can become a programmer and host your own show.

  • It’s COMMUNITY radio—that means you and me and our neighbors. Not some corporation in some city far away. It’s OUR station.

  • 95% of our programming is produced live by community volunteers.

  • So get involved today. Make a commitment. Get off the sidelines and into the game. It’s your radio station. It’s your community.

WWUH truly is your alternative radio station. That's not just something we say, it's something we live every day!

Call 800-444-9984 or pledge securely online at our website:  WWUH dot ORG.

  • The sole purpose of this fund drive is to raise the funds necessary to take WWUH to the next level.  We're hoping to raise $35,000 this week to keep the station on the air for another year.
    • This week, thousands of people will tune to WWUH at some point.  We'd like to think that all of them will call to become members of Alternative Radio but many will not. If you rely on WWUH and care about the future of this important community resource now would be a great time to become a WWUH member if you haven’t yet done so already.
      • Transmitter rent, music royalties, streaming, the transmitter electricity, everything it takes behind the scenes to make the sound come out of your radio, all of our monthly bills are paid for by those local companies and organizations you hear mentioned every hour.  What we need your help with are expenses over and above our regular monthly costs.  Our equipment is on 24 hours a day and some of it is as old as the station, 15 years old.  We need to replace some of this gear in order to provide you with a reliable signal.
        • Your support is going to allow us to keep the programming coming to you.  We accept pledges in any amount $10, $25, $50, $100 at a time from people just like you, people who love the music and the news and want to keep it coming….. day in, day out, forever.  You can pledge by check or with Visa, Discover, Master Card or American Express.  You can even go on line to WWUH.org and donate via paypal if you want.

  • Think about the pleasure you get from listening to WWUH. Or the points of news and views you hear that you DON’T hear anywhere else. Compare this to the other things you buy—newspaper, coffee, cable. Put a value on what you use. Support what you love.

WWUH truly is Alternative Radio.  We need your support.

Call 800-444-9984 or pledge securely online at our website:


Call 800-444-9984 or pledge securely online at our website:  WWUH dot ORG.

  • Maybe you found us by just cruising the dial

  • Maybe a friend told you about FM on Toast or about Morning Jazz, 911 Wake Up Call or UH Radio Bluegrass.

  • Maybe you just heard something one day that struck you as different from anything else on the radio in Hartford County.

  • Here’s how community-supported media works vs. how commercial media works….

  • How wonderful it is not to have the music interrupted with noisy commercials… nothing to destroy the mood. Just long sets of unique music you don’t hear anywhere else.  If you just found us, welcome. Please join our listener-supported community

  • That’s why we call this Alternative Radio. Please tell a friend about the great new station you’ve discovered.

Call in your pledge now at 800-444-9984 or donate on line on our secure website, WWUH dot ORG.

  • Our web stream provides a high fidelity stereo signal that can be heard anywhere in the world!

  • We have listeners from Poland, Australia and Florida.

  • Web listeners have an extra responsibility to support their station because web streams cost the station extra money

  • Support what you use, support what you depend on, support what you love

  • Pledge securely online at WWUH dot ORG.

Or Call 800-444-9984 to pledge your support to Alternative Radio.

  • Call 800-444-9984 or pledge securely online at our website:  WWUH dot ORG.

  • If you listen to 89.9 FM WWUH every day

  • If we’re the only station you listen to, or…

  • If we’re your favorite among all the stations you listen to

  • If you listen and you haven’t yet made your first pledge of support, now is the time to do so.

  • Hundreds of people listen every day, yet they don’t contribute.

  • Maybe that’s because they don’t know how listener supported, member supported radio works.

  • By pledging, you’ll feel good knowing you’ve done the right thing.

  • You’ll feel different after you pledge, better, involved, not like a bystander anymore, like an owner.

  • Pledge $10, $25, $50, whatever amount is right for you.

  • The only pledge that’s too small is the investment you don’t make today.

Call 800-444-9984 or pledge securely online at our website: WWUH dot ORG.

Call 800-444-9984 or pledge securely online at our website: WWUH dot ORG.

  • WWUH plays music that’s hard to find anywhere else--24 hours a day.

  • We are Greater Hartford’s “community bulletin board” so you can count on us to keep you plugged into the music, culture and the arts happening in our communities.

  • From jazz to Polka, reggae to alternative rock, a true world of music is yours on WWUH.

  • We’re reliable, consistent, dependable, and we’d like to be able to rely on you for steady support.

  • We are connected to and reflective of community

  • We reflect positive values and progressive perspectives in a world in need of exactly this.

  • We are Listener supported Alternative Radio and we need your support.

Call now 800-444-9984 or pledge securely online at our website:


OK, we've convinced you and you're ready to support WWUH this week in our effort to raise funds to replace some very old equipment so that we can serve you better.  There are three ways for you to donate:

1.  Call 800-444-9984 and make a pledge.  You can pay by credit card or by check, it's up to you.

2.  Go to our secure website, WWUH dot ORG and click on the "Donate Now" button.  You'll be able to make a donation by Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express.  Even paypal!

3.  Just send us a check.  Our address is


200 Bloomfield Ave

W. Hartford, CT 06117

It doesn't matter how much you donate, any amount is fine as long as you show your support for your alternative radio station. 

If you don't have time to call why not just send us a check.  Make it out to:


and mail it to:

WWUH Marathon

200 Bloomfield Ave.

W. Hartford, CT 06117

All donations to WWUH are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

There are things in your life that just that don’t change.

Like needing a cup of coffee to start the day and listening to FM on Toast.

Running errands on the way home from work and listening to Evening Classics.

Weekend chores with UH Radio Bluegrass playing on the car radio.

In the morning… on the way home… over the weekend.

WWUH is here for you. It’s radio you rely on. And it's only possible when the people who rely on it… help pay for it.

Giving takes just two minutes of your time and a gift of a dollar a week, a dollar a month or will allow us to perform some much needed equipment upgrades in order to serve you better.

So call now 800-444-9984 or pledge on line at our secure website, WWUH dot ORG.

This a good opportunity to remind you that WWUH is your radio station… the one that wakes you up in the morning… makes your commute more bearable… and offers good companionship on the weekend.

Of course… the idea of this being your radio station only goes so far. If you actually owned this station, you’d have to pay thousands of dollars every months for rent, utilities like phone and internet, transmitter rent, insurance and music royalties to name just a few of our expenses.

The beauty of alternative radio is that you get all of the benefits of that five figure investment… and all you have to pay is what you see fit. Your gift… put together with those from your friends and neighbors… adds up to what we need to make WWUH a great radio station.

Support your radio station now with a gift by calling 800-444-9984 or donate on line at our secure website:  WWUH dot ORG.

We have lots of listeners throughout CT and Western MA who love this

station and we hear from  you all the time.  You never lets us down. If

you're listening right now, we'd love to hear from you.

If you've been listening to WWUH for a long time, NOW is the time for you

to step forward and be counted as a supporter of Public Alternative Radio.

  We know you've been meaning to call, just waiting for the right time, so

please do so now.  Our number is 800-444-9984.  Your support is vital to

the future of WWUH as we need to replace some key equipment.

What's it worth?  Can you really place a monetary value on a musical experience like listening to John Lee Hooker play the blues.  It might be difficult, but I want you to try.  You know what your television is worth, although you might not agree when the cable bill comes every month.

You know what you pay for the newspaper, your internet, your special coffee drinks, all the little things we do for ourselves.

So what should your music bill be?  Only you can say, but let me suggest a dollar a week?  That works out to about a whopping 14 cents a day for all the great music you hear on WWUH that you simply can't hear anywhere else.

You tell us you love the variety of music you hear on WWUH.  You tell us you hear music that no one else is playing, music from every culture and every time.  You say you appreciate the unusual, the beautiful, the amusing and the incredible variety of music you get on WWUH.

And you tell us that the hosts help you learn a little bit about the music in the process.  So what it is worth.  What is dependable, reliable, consistently exciting music 365 days a year worth.  You decide, and then call and let us know what number to fill in.  Call now, 800-444-9984 or pledge on line at WWUH dot ORG.

Marathon is a "Family Matter".

Families share together-they share love as well as sorrow. In good and bad times. Families make us crazy sometimes, but in the end, mostly they are what give us a richer meaning of life.

People who love WWUH and who listen are in a family too.   Whether they realize it or not. And like all family members, we support each other.  We give and we take in equal balance.

Our task on the family to-do list is to bring you a great variety of music, views and news 24 hours a day, every day.  And we do that job to the very best of our ability with an all volunteer staff.

Your item on the list is to support your community-supported station so that we can continue to bring you what you need.

Alternative Radio is different that way. Alternative Radio belongs to us.  To the people. It's our right, created by Congress, to have Alternative Stations.  And like all rights it comes with responsibilities.

So please pick up the phone right now, call us at 800-444-9984 and tell the volunteer who answers the phone:
"I want to join the family. I want to become a member of WWUH."  Call now, 800-444-9984 or pledge securely online on our website, WWUH dot ORG.

We'd like you to think of WWUH as "your renewable resource."  That can mean a couple of things:  WWUH is a resource that keeps coming back to you each and every day; or WWUH relies on your renewed support to continue to provide the service you've come to trust and love.

Like all renewable resources WWUH is there for you every day, 365 days out of the year, powering you through your day with great music and thought proving local programming.  But like all renewable resources, it takes wise use and careful stewardship of that resource to keep it flowing.

And like all resources, Alternative Radio is part of our shared heritage. Alternative Radio belongs to us.  To the people.  It's our right, created by Congress, to have Alternative Radio stations like this one.  And like all rights, it comes with responsibilities.

So please pick up the phone right now, call us at 800-444-9984 and tell the volunteer that you want to pledge to protect the valuable natural resource that is WWUH.  Call now, 800-444-9984, or pledge securely online at our web site: WWUH dot ORG.

WWUH provides a forum for members of the community, especially those under represented by other media resources, to constructively express their ideas, opinions and concerns.

We are Greater Hartford’s "Bulletin Board" so that everything that happens in music, local politics and culture is reflected on this radio station.

We are reliable, consistent and dependable.  Can we depend upon you in the same way?

WWUH is connected to the arts, connected to the community and connected to you.

We promote positive values in a world in great need of "positivity".

We need your support.  Call now, 800-444-9984 or pledge securely on line at our web site, WWUH dot ORG.

In this age of IPods, satellites and even cell phones, we know you can get your music from a number of sources.  But we try to add value and a personal, human touch to your listening experience on WWUH.

Our hosts are knowledgeable companions.

They are credible, accurate, honest and authentic.

They often provide intelligent humor, always respectful.

The hosts are focused on the music, not on themselves.

WWUH programmers are thoughtful presenters able to connect the music from the past with life in the present.  They help you learn a little bit about the music.

Our hosts are conversational, talking with you, not up or down to you.

Our hosts enhance your music experience, not intrude upon it.

Call 800-444-9984 right now.  Or pledge securely on line at WWUH dot ORG.

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