1973 Photo Gallery

Can you help identify this person?

"Moving Mother to the Mountain" is what they called the project to relocate the WWUH transmitter from the student union to the WTIC site on Avon Mountain. Engineers (L-R) Larry Titus, Andy Bronstein, ?,  Stuart Jaeger and Steve Shore are seen preparing the transmitter building. The station's range increased dramatically after the move.

Live broadcast from Bushnell Park

Engineer Stu Jaeger finalized installation of the WWUH antenna on the channel 3 radar tower on Avon Mountain.

The new WWUH antenna consisted of the three "orbs" on the left side of the tower on Avon Mountain.

Construction Permit authorizing construction of the new transmission system at the WTIC facility on Avon Mountain.

Air Studio Rack (image reversed)

Production Studio with turntables mounted in independent sand-filled

Live broadcast from Bushnell Park.

Phil Cabot and Sandy Lavery

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