1975 Photo Gallery

Seated, L-R:  Michael Ditkoff, (Business Manager), Rob Weitz (Station Manager), Phil Cabot (GM), Tom Canaday, Anne Harte (Director of Minority Affairs), Standing (L-R) Alex Leslie and ?

Marsha Lasker

Engineer Bob Katz and Jon Anderson preparing a live broadcast from the Suisman Lounge in GSU

Joe Rudich is @ right center; Steve Nichols is seated @ upper Left corner; George Krochin is seated on desk against the wall @ lower left; maybe Mike Plen seated @ desk in right foreground.  Steve Berian photo.

Ecom, L-R:  Charlie Allen, Jon Anderson, Mimi Spillane, Joe Rudich, Mel Yates, Steve Shore. Photo courtersy of Steve Berian.

Roger Stauss. 
Photo courtesy of Steve Berian

Repair work on Gengras tower

Office scene

George Michael Evica and unidentified student at the Citizens Inquiry on the Assassination

Someone associated with the assassination inquiry later becomes a Watergate Burgler. Interesting.



Mayor Athenson

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