We can identify some of the folks in this picture, from L-R:

?, Walter Miskin, Stu Feldman, Michael Plenn, Thom Gomez, Mark Persky, Mimi Spillane, Jim Fifield, Joe Terzo, Dave Demaw, Bill Kaplan, Dave Parsons, Steve Shore, Bob Gross.

The Legenadary Mort Fega (does anyone have a better pix?)

Michael Plen, Music Director.

Marcia Simon in the air studio.

Artist Sweet Pie performs at WWUH function in Suissman Lounge

Morning Jazz host Mark Smith

Gene Chapdelaine in UH office.

Standing L-R:  Mark Smith, Sally Noble, Richard Ray, Michelle Demas, Gary Zenobi, Dave Demaw, John Anderson, ?, Eric Gordon
Seated, L-R:  Steve Berian, Tom Gomez, Michael Plen, Mimi Spillane,   Dave Parsons, Mike Kirven.

Marathon Live from the Hartford Civic Center. 
L-R Charlie Allen, Jon Anderson, Joe Rudisch and Mimi Spillane.

                                                             Steve Shore, Mimi Spillane & Mel Yates.

New England Fiddle Contest on WWUH!

Mike Plen, Bob Gross & George Krochin

Bob Gross & George Krochin --- George Krochin & Jeff Ehrenfeld

Steve Berian

Mel Yates and Mimi --- Joe Rudisch and Mel
at the WWUH Banquet

Mimi at the Banquet

John Anderson

Tom & Cindy Gomez

Judy Corcoran and Mimi Spillaine

Shelly Hassman with Dan Kriwitski

Joel Salkowitz, Program Director

Jeff Yardis, editor of ACME

John Anderson - Chief Engineer

New England Fiddle Contest performers warming up.

Mike Kirven and ? at WWUH picnic. Joel and Persky (?) in the background.

Mimi in the office.


(L-R): Mimi Spillane, L, Steve Shore, Joel Salkowitz.

Mimi coordinating the Civic Center live benefit broadcast.

Chief Engineer John Anderson and Paul Rosenblum

Anyone know who this is?

We need help identifying this person.

These are the monitoring and remote control racks that were over the DJs head.


Dave DeMaw talking to a listener.

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