1977 Photo Gallery

Jackie Peart and ?

Dave Demaw.

Walt and Erika Miskin

Bill Kaplan and ?

Production Director Jim Fifield, "the Buritto"

From L to R: Michael Plen, Thom Gomez. Mimi Spillane, Jim "Buritto" Fifield, Dave DeMaw, Bill Kaplan, Bob Gross, Steve Shore and Mark Persky

Operations Director Marsha Lasker

JR, Jim McGivern and others

Music Director Michael Plen, Mark Persky and Dave Parsons present a Beatles collection to a contest winner (L) in the air studio.  The winner reportedly designed/drew the poster held by Mr. Persky.

Fred Hull and Jim Fifield in production

Mimi Spillane and Jon Anderson broadcasting live.

Joel Salkowitz


Terry Weichand

Marathon Party

John Anderson and Steve Shore

Dave Demaw and Mimi Spillane laying out the Program Guide

? and Joe Terzo

Mel Yates

Michelle Demas

From The Hartford Times


Max Creek played at the picnic.


Mimi, Matt Josephson, and Marsha.

Watler Miskin, Jim McGivern and others.


Linda “Gabby” Goldfarb Parsons

Program Director Joel in the Air Studio


Micki McClusky (musician, folk show host and perhaps a UofH Faculty member)

WDRC's Brad Davis speaking at the station banquet.

Don Noel (UH faculty member and future TV newscaster) was the speaker at the 1977 WWUH Banquet.

Roger Stauss and Mel Yates




Mimi at Banquet

Marathon party in the Pub.  Mark Smith at far right.

George Krochin at the Fiddle Contest broadcast.

Fiddle Contest Crowd

Louis Sampliner, the UH PR Director, was a huge WWUH supporter.
Timothy Leary appeared on UH and on WWUH

Roy Ayers in Concert at UH

Production Studio

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