1979 Photo Gallery

GM Patty Kurlychek.

Dan King interviewing Ed Bradley from CBS's "60 Minutes."

WWUH presents Don Pullen in concert.

Rick Kelman, Bob Gross, Shelly Hassman, Bill Kaplan and Michael Plen, outside the WWUH studio in Gengras.

Mark Rinas at UH Picnic.

Shelly Hassman looking at the phone (notice all 3 lines lit up!)

Tina Podlowski, Fred Hull and Marty Peshka.

Jeff Winn on remote at UH Picnic with Michael Clare in the background.

Mike Farrell and Wally Reemes at station picnic outside GSU

Marathon '79 party goers

Bill Kaplan and Steve Nichols

July birthday picnic

Mark Persky, Steve Nichols and Kate McGivern

Jeff Winn, Rex(?), Charlie Allen and Jim McGivern. Photo courtesy of Dave DeMaw.

Channel 3's John Ericson in the WWUH studio

Bruce Kampe and Reynolds at UH party

Patty Kurlychek, Michelle and Steve Nichols

Mort Fega
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