1981 Photo Gallery

Dale Maine, Willie T. Young and Patty Kurlychek at station Party.

Dave Viveiros, repairing the air board.

Tom Bowman, "Mostly Bluegrass."

Tracy Leuteritz, Traffic Manager.

Transmitter and associated equipment.

Dave Gardiner and GM Dale Maine

May Guide Cover

Station party:  L-R, Carol Clock, Teri Kuchmeroski, Jeff Becker, Susan, Ewin Sanches, Andy Taylor, Chuck Nonkin? and Grant Miller.

ECOM:  Patty Kurlychek, John Ramsey, Carol Brousseau, Andy Winters, Doug Maine

Front Row:  Barry Scoville, Mary Anderson, S. Sullivan, Doug Kimelman, S. Mahmud
2nd Row:  Dave Viveiros, Dan Steeves, Kim Miller, Jeff Becker, Wendy Weichand, Terry Weichand, Doug Main, T. Krewson.
3rd Row: Maurice Robertson, JJ Henriques, Mark Rinas, Carol Brosseau, Rob Meehan, Lorian Cairo, Jeff Blanchette, M. Finn, Lauren Aronstamm, Patty Kurlychek.
Back Row: Sue Terry, Peter Michaelson, Rich Brkich

PD Rick Virillo and unid guest at Peshka's party.  Demaw photo.

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