1985 Photo Gallery

Rob Rosenthall, GM, outside GSU

Jim Bolan and Peter Michaelson answering phones during Marathon '85.

Chuck Nonkin, News Director.

Dave Viveiros and a friend at '85 New Fiddle Contest at Colt Park.

John Ramsey, Steve Ent and John Merino at NE Fiddle Contest

Ron Paul.

Tanya Weiman, Allison Maslow, Stuart Werner, Grant Miller and Alan Livermore helping install new transmission line at the tower site in Avon.  Poison Ivy anyone?

Antenna adjustments in Avon

Dave Agasi

Grant Miller preparing Program Guide

Upper:  Linda Wentworth and Tom Kelly.

Lower:  Post-marathon party at The Keg in Hartford.

Susan and Stuart Werner

Post Marathon party, L-R, Bruce Kampe, Carol Miller, Nathsa Tethke

Dots representing towns pledging to Marathon '85


Stuart Donner at station party

Michael Ditkoff and Nel at station reunion

Upper:  Katie and Roger Stauss in Production
Lower:  Mel Yates

Judy Corcoran

Pete Beneski, Music Director

Becky Menes, host of Tuesday Evening Classics

Tom Bradford, Community Affairs Director

Jim Bolan and Doug Maine in the Air Studio

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