1987 Photo Gallery

Terry Weichand, Friday Morning Jazz

Assistant Chief Engieer Chuck Dube in the engineering shop.

Carol Stevens, Director of Development

Alphee Lavoy, co-host of "Astrology Almanac"

Chris Nemeth in the office.

Dave Agasi

Gary Levin, Business Manager

Grant Miller, Operations Director

Harvey Jassem during Marathon '87

Jody Milonas.

JR and Kim Eaton at post-Marathon party at The Keg.

Another post-Marathon party shot, Bob Lee on Left, and Kim Eaton talks to Reynolds Onderdonk.

Lady Jazz, Donna Giddings during Marathon.

Laurel Aronstamm, Morning Jazz

Linda Wentworth and Georgette Nemr

John Green (?), Pete Beneski and Stuart Werner

Monica Capezza, Jazz Director.

Phillip Neufville

Stuart Werner, Jim Bolan, Don Harris, Harvey Jassem, Donna Giddings and Doug Maine at the post-Marathon party.

Program Director art Greene takes Marathon phone calls along with Phillip Neufville.

Joe Inc with "Hillbilly House" host Rich Dittman


Maureen and Sean Breannan

Susan and Stu Werner

Don Harris, Carol Stevens and John Longobardi conducting a staff meeting

Dan King at post-Marathon party

Paul Bezanker

John Ramsey

Gary Levin, Business Manager

Upper: Carol Miller, Lower: Terry Weichand

Lee Courtney

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