1988 Photo Gallery

General Meeting. L-R
Front row:  Ed McKeon, Frank Butash, Tom Bowman, Phillip Neufville, Chuck Dube, ?, Bill Cunningham, Dave Zaluda, Cheree Heppe, Mark Melnick, Keith Barrett.
Next row:  Georgette Nemr, Stuart Werner, Susan Mullis, Donna Giddings, Eric Kornasky, George Michael Evica, Bart Bozzi, Mark Santini, Tery Weichand.
Next row:  Carol Stevens, Grant Miller, John Ramsey, ?, Alison Masloe, Tanya Weiman, Gary Levin, Peter Burle, ?, Linda Wentworth, Tom Kelly.

Bob Martin, Classics host

Vijay Dixit, host of "Geetanjali"

Bruce Kampe and Charlie Allen at 20th Anniversary picnic on GSU patio.

20th Anniversary picnic, Andy Zeldin, Gary Zenobi and Mark Smith

Allison Maslow

"Gay Spirit" host, Keith Brown

Carol Stevens

Carol Voeth, co-host of
"Astrology Almanac"

Chris Watson

Dana Bugl, Bruce Kampe, Monica Capezza.  John Green and JJ Henriques are at the right.

Dave Agazi

Former GM Patty Kurlychek and Bruce Kampe at 20th anniv. picnic. Don Harris, Carol Miller (w/hat) and Ed Savage in the background.

Don Rovero

Donna Giddings and Doug Maine

Frank Butash
"Refrigerator Club" host.

Donna Giddings and Tracy Leuteritz.  Grant Miller and Roger Stauss in the background.

Grant Miller interviewing (top to bottom) Larry Titus, Steve Berian and Joel Salkowitz at 20th anniversary picnic

Lee Courtney's room mate and Number One Fan

John Ramsey and Susan Mullis

Lee Courtney

Stuart Warner and Frank Butash

Bill Domler, Sean Brennan and Ed McKeon during Marathon

Mariana Evica "Ambience"

Monica Capezza, Morning Jazz

"DJ Dick," Rich Dittman doing Hillbilly House on Synthesis

Vinny Fuerst, Classics Director.

Christine Cooney, Woman's Hour

Tom Kelly


20th Anniversary issue of the Guide

Grant Miller

Pete Beneski, Music Director

Paul Bezanker "Street Corner Serenade"

Tommy Bowman

Lady Jazz

Joan Holiday, Steve Ricagni, John Prytko, JR and Grant Miller

Allison Masley, Alan Livermore and John Benedict

Upper:  Geetanjali host Kapil during Marathon '80.

Lower:  Weary Marathon Operators.

Super Sabado hosts

Studio construction

Chief Engineer Edwin Armstrong demonstrated original ear buds.

 Reunion Photo including Tori Mazur, Mike DeRosa, gina Gunn, Kevin O'Toole and ?


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