1991 Photo Gallery

Award ceremony. 
Seated:  Tom Bowman, Donna Giddings, Susan Mullis
and Keith Brown.
Standing: Andy Taylor, Bill Domler, Bruce Kampe,
Dave Viveiros, Mark Delorenzo.

Cliff Thornton, Accent on Jazz

Matt Meaher, program director.

Susan Mullis, Bill Perrier and Laura Grabsch

Vanessa Cooper, Evening Classics

Staff Picnic:
 Blake Wilcox, Jim Bolan, Nick, John Scott, Chuck Dube.

Tom Kelly, Suites for a Sunday Morning host

Josh Lafayette, Music Dir

15 Year Award Ceremony.  L-R: Wayne Jones, John Ramsey GM, Art Greene PD, Henrique Ribeiro, George Michael Evica and Dave DeMaw.  Along with the certificates they received a lifetime pass allowing them to listen to 91.3 for free!

Adena Chernoski

Bill Cunningham, FM On Toast

Chris Baker, Program Director

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