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The ECOM consisted of:  General Manager: John Ramsey, Operations Director: Angela Haynes, Development Director: Susan Mullis, Josh Lafayette  - Program Director: - Business Manager: Mary Dowst, Chief Engineer: John Ramsey, Community Affairs Director: Mike DeRosa.

          Kevin Shiveley was Classics Director, JO Spaak Jazz Director, Ed McKeon Folk Director, Chuck Dube Asst. Chief Engineer, Brian Grosjean World Music Director, Peter Rost Blues Director.

Staff: Paul Abru, McNall Alliston, Scott Baron, Keith Barrett, Paul Bezanker, Larry Bilansky, Paul Bock, Rich Boissonneau, Jim Bolan, Paul Borque, Tom Bowman, Bart Bozzi, Steve Brechter, Keith Brown, Warren Byrd, Ann Carmody, Michael Carroll, Bob Celmer, Mark Channon, Deborah Conklin, Vanessa Cooper, Rich Cormier, Mark DeLorenzo, Dave Demaw, Mike Derosa, Amy Dement, Steve Dieterich, Vijay Dixit, Bill Domler, Stephen Doughty, Mary Dowst, Mark Dressler, Chuck Dube, Al Dzikas, Geroge Michael Evica, Stu Feldman, Luis Faliciano, Dawn Finnemore, Laura grapsch, Mario Grietti, Donna Giddings, Art Greene, Brain Grossjean, Gina Gunn, Angela Haynes, John Holder, Albert Hutagalung, Harvey Jassem, Wayne Jones, Josh Layayette, Gregory Laxer, Denise Ledwith, Gary Levin, Kevin Lynch, Tony Magno, Doug Maine, Chris Marti, Ed Mckeon, Matt Meagher, Bill Measom, Gail Meyhers-Jaworski, Peter Michaelson, Dorienne Miner, Phillip Mitchell, Craig Molino, Susan Mullis, Nay Nasser, Ted Nehay, Chuck Obuchowski, Kevin O’Toole, Stephen Petke, Anthony Price, John Prytko, Johnny Prytko, Jr, John Ramsey, Henrique Ribeiro, Mike Ringland, Maurice Robertson, Peter Rost, Mark Santini, John Scott, Jack Seidl, Kevin Shivley, Andy Taylor, Cliff Thorton, Dwight Thurston, Dave Viveiros, Terry Weichand, Lloyd Weir, Dave Zaluda and Andy Zeldin.

A Distinguished Service award was presented to summer intern Vanessa Zirakzadeh for her Outstanding Service to the station during the summer of  1997.

WWUH has passed the inspection performed in April under the Connecticut Broadcaster’s Association’s Alternative Inspection Program!  The inspection was undertaken by a retired FCC Inspector,  and covered FCC compliance areas including technical, programming and administrative. Passing this inspections meant that the station would be exempt from routine FCC inspections for a period of 3-years (the FCC can still inspect up to follow up on a complaint, or when instructed to do so by the Commission’s D.C. office). Chuck Obuchowski and Andy Taylor were on duty when the inspection took place and helped us pass the test.

Special programming was offered during Black History Month in February.

          A group of students from the West Hartford area completed training with the goal of reviving the Asian-American Forum program which was put on hold when Paul and Phoebe Bock moved out of state.  Unfortunately, they were not able to sustain the effort required to produce a weekly show.

To help celebrate India’s fifty years of independence, the program Geetanjali was broadcast live from Bushnell Park in Aug. 11.  There was a one hour special broadcast from noon to 1pm, followed by the regular 7:30 – 9 pm slot.  Vijay Dixit was the host of the program, and Chris Larsen produced the special broadcast.

We continued the tradition of broadcasting Women’s basketball.

The station broadcast live from Real Art Ways in Hartford on September 11 to showcase Mixashaun and his band Word Out. The show was hosted by Chuck Obuchowski and Kevin O'Toole and engineered by Chuck Dube, Scott Baron and Albert Hutagalung.

WWUH aired the Hall High School’s Pops and Jazz concert on March 14, live from the school. The show featured world renowned trombonist John Fedchock.

Jazz In The Park from Bushnell Park was aired during the summer on 7 Monday Nights. The was the series 30th year, and the following artists preformed; Slide Hampton Group, with opening act Dave Santoro Quatee; George Coleman Quartet, with opening act Kitty Kathyrn & Friends; Milt Jackson Quartet with opening act Jay Hoggard band; Al Harewood All Stars with opening act Steve Davis Quintet; Mark Rlf.s Guitars, inc, with opening act Raymond Williams Quartet; Jimmy Owen’s Group, with  opening act Samba Brasil; John Stubblefield Quarter, w/Sue Terry and Terra Mars

WWUH once again carried the Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival from Martin Park in East Hartford with headline act John Hartford.  Kevin Lynch, Tom Bowman and Steve Brechter hosted the 12-hour event, with engineers Dave Viveiros, Scott Baron, Chuck Dube and Dave Baker.

The Music Department was busy during the year under the guidance of Josh Lafayette & Andy Taylor. The library committee, chaired by Dean Hildebrandt, completed an inventory of station recordings which revealed that there were approximately 40,000 LPS and  35,000 CDs in the station’s library!

CDs received by Genre during the one year period 5/1/97 - 4/30/98:  Rock-1400, Jazz-792, Folk/BG-784, Classical-741, Urban-278, Ambient-252, World/Reggae-195, Blues-178, Soundtracks-108, for a total of 4750.     `       

Live concerts continued to be a major part of the station.

The Celtic Concert Series produced by Celtic Airs host Steve Dieterich brought the bands Sean Keane, Solas, Dervish, Patrick Street, and Old Blind Dogs in Oct. 3 in Wilde - Sold Out

Volunteer Bill Domler brought the band Nowell Sing We Clear to the Wilde Auditorium in December.

A Sleep Concert with musician Robert Rich was presented from 11 pm – 6 am in October by host Susan Mullis.

The Nields put on two sold out shows for the station on February 28, and Ilene Weiss performed later in the year.

The fourth annual Folk Next Door was held on May 9th in Hartt’s Millard Auditorium.  The following artists were featured:  Muster Bunch, Karen Savoca and Pete Heitzman, Jeremy Wallace, Lisa McCormick, Don Sineti & Chris Morgan, Jano, The Mollys, Dana Robinson, Ratsy, Scott McAllister, Washboard Slim, Ilene Weiss and the Sloan Wainwright Band.

Ed McKeon was the producer of the event, Mark DeLorenzo handled the stage manager duties and the engineering crew consisted of Dave Viveiros, Scott Baron, John Ramsey and Chuck Dube. Over 250 tickets were sold to the event, and the show received a great review in the Hartford Courant.

The station hosted a benefit concert for the late Dewey Burns on June 13.  Dewey was a local singer songwriter who brought down the house when he performed his original tune “Just How Long” at the first Folk Next Door concert. Dewey passed away from emphezima.  The show, which took place in the Wilde Auditorium featured Kate McDonald, Les Sampou, Patrick McGinley and Bruce Pratt.

In April, WWUH started webcasting for the first time!  A RealAudio system was launched that was capable of five separate streams.  Shortly after going on line, we received a call from a new listener in Arizona! Since there were no network connections into the Gray Center, the Real Audio server was installed in the computer services office and fed via off-air pickup. 

In March, Scott Baron and John Ramsey signed WAPJ on the air for the first time from UCONN Torrington.  WWUH would be rebroadcast about seventy hours a week.

The WWUH rebroadcasts of the Somers High School station, WDJW, continued to do well

The station’s renewal was sent to Commission by 12/1/97.  John also prepared the renewals for WAPJ, WDJW and WWEB.

          Marathon 97 took place during the week of March 2nd and went 10% over the goal of $60,000.  The total pledge amount to $66,544.47!

          An open house for listeners was included as part of Marathon.

When we closed out the books on Marathon on September 1, we had collected 95.1 % of the total, or $63,325.47 from 1716 pledges.

          The Fall Fund Drive took place from November 2-9.  The goal was set at $21,500. The main premium was the WWUH Holiday CD.  All in all, $21,478 was collected from 696 listeners, with 84% of the pledged amount coming in within a month).

The 1996 Fall Fund Raiser raised $21,288.00, with 92.8% ultimately collected In all, we received 758 pledges in the fall drive.

          Fall Fund Drive:   $21,478 paid from 696  (84% after less than a month).

          The November/December issue of the Guide featured an article “Forget the Cigars   New Jazz is Cuba’s Best Export” by Doug Maine.

The university had leased space on top of Gengras to Sprint, and in order for that company to install their antennas they needed to replace the WWUH tower on the roof.  Our engineering department worked closely with Sprint and the transition went smoothly.  We were able to get $125 revenue/month from tower with the university getting the remainder.

          Ann Carmody steped down as Music Director, and Angela assumed her duties.

The Hartford Courant ran an article on Tony Magno’s anniversary as did the West Hartford News.

Wayne Jones, host of The Rock  and Roll Memory Machine, was quoted in articles about rock legend and Connecticut native Gene Pitney that appeared in The Des Moines Register, The Chattanooga Free Press and on the Associated Press wire service.  Each of the articles identified him as a DJ on WWUH.

          CPTV’S Connecticut Journal ran a segment about WWUH in April that featured The Happy Club show.

April:  WWUH Player of the Game Award at Women’s Basketball Banquet in 1877 Club.

The station received so many calls from listeners complaining about interference from the new Connecticut Public Radio station in Long Island that a special Listener Line number was set up so that listeners could report interference.

PACIFICA dish installed.

The Staff Holiday Party took place on Thursday, 5:30 pm

The license renewal sent to Commission by 12/1/97.  The engineering department also prepared renewals for WAPJ, WDJW and WWEB.

Keith Barrett completed Classical training for six volunteers.

WWUH came to the assistance of local station WDRC-FM during the big ice storm in December.  When WDRC-FM’s Meriden Mountain transmitter was knocked off the air we allowed them to broadcast from our back-up facility in Gengras.  Although they were operating with reduced power, it allowed them to stay on the air to cover the Hartford area.

Events making the headlines in 1997 included: Hong Kong returns to Chinese rule (June 30); Swiss plan first payment to Holocaust victims (Sept. 17); European Union plans to admit six nations (Dec. 13); US shuttle joins Russian space station (Jan. 17); Timothy J. McVeigh sentenced to death for Oklahoma City bombing (Aug. 14); two convicted in New York Trade Center bombing (Nov. 12


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