2003 Photo Gallery

Bob Walsh, Classics host

Its All Live, 12 hour live broadcast.  Musician Erik Porse on Bob Celmer's show

Synthesis host Eugene Hazanov and musician Sonya, during the 12-hour "Its All Live" event.

Present and former jazz hosts Doug Maine, Jim Bolan and Donna Giddings at 35th Anniversary party

Joan Holiday and Kris Powell at 35th

John Scott at the party

Much more than just "student staff" as the caption suggests, Kate Horrigan and Kris Powell both had terms as operations directors.

Philip Mitchell, host of West Indian Rhythms

Henrique Ribeiro, Steve Theaker, Steve Dieterich, Gary Levin and Keith Brown partake of refreshments at staff holiday party set up in the station's recording studio.


John Ramsey with Sue Terry who returned to WWUH for the 35th anniversary.

John Ramsey, Steve Theaker, Steve and Tina Deiterich

Ryan Connor with an unidentified friend in the office.

Classics host Dave Buddington

John Harris - Gothics and one of our most reliable fill in hosts.

Chris Larsen (with Heerema's snake).

Rob McGuire - FM On Toast

Dave Shoenfeld, classics host.

Aldo Vernesoni.
Gothic Blimp Works

Bonnie Hast - Operations Direcctor

Brenda Williams-Gothics

Bushnell Park Monday Night Jazz Live Broadcast

Dave Rossa - Radioactive

Gilberto - Super Sabado

Gustavo Calle

Heather Mason

Heather Roupp

Hawks coach Jen Rizotti confers courtside with WWUH sportscaster Jon Easterbrook

Madeline Christensen

Paul Abreu - Gothics

Rohan Long - Gothics

Scott MacCloy
FM On Toast

Mike Marti - Mon. Synthesis
"The Marti Party"

Ted Niehay


Chris Larsen with new equipment

Classics staff, L-R:  PD Colin Tipton, Scott Deschefy, Steve Petke, Michael Conner, Debrah Conklin, Keith Brown, Larry Bilansky

John Holder and Mike DeRosa on stage receiving awards.

Madeline Christensen

Some of the Rock staff;  Rob Turner, Keven O'Toole, Chris Marti, Joan Holiday, Dwight Thurston and Reno Nevada.

Upper:  No, we never had a sticker that said "Radio for West Hartford."  Displayed in the picture is a sample siticker supplied by a vendor.
Lower:  Kevin O'Tool, Gary Levin and Bonnie Hast await calls during Marathon.

Gary Levin demonstrated the proper way to answer the phone to fellow phone operator Bonnie Hast.

Rober Reich Concert

Susan Mullis, Keith Brown and Bonnie Hast

Chris Larsen and Chris Heerema in the Recording Control Room

Robert Rich - Ambience In The Wilde

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