2009 Photo Gallery

Marathon '09 phone operators.  Kevin o'Toole, Joe Rush and Cat Bodowski

Stephanie's first time on the air was Thursday Synthesis during Marathon! 

Steve Brewer

Steve Petke

Steve Theaker, Friday FM on Toast and Peter Rost, Thurs. FM on Toast

2009 post-marathon party. L-R, Stephanie, Jim Christensen, Dave Buddington, John Prytko, Mike Dolan, Ken Dowst, Mike DeRosa, Chuck Obuchowski and Steve Petke.

Training graduates Cat, Joe, Nick and Stephanie

Jim Mercik plays during Marathon

2009 Shirt

Ed McKeon and
Susan Forbes Hansen

Mike DeRosa

Friday Morning Jazz host Pete Leblanc.

Some of the Classics staff, L-R front:  Bob Walsh, Steve Petke. Back: Dave Buddington, Marsha and Jim Meehan.

Jazz staffers Harvey Jassem, Chuck Obuchowski, Dean Hilderbrant and Jazzy Jayne.

Four members of the Community Affairs staff.  Rob Turka (Soapbox), Cheryl Curtiss (911 Wake Up Call), Mike DeRosa (New Focus) and Ken Dowst (New World Notes).

Show hosts Mark Santini, Gary Levin, Sam Scozzari and Pete Carbone.

May staff meeteing.

May Staff Meeting

Gilberto Hereida, Monica, Phillip Mitchell and Pretlow Harris

Rob Tyrka and Ken Dowst

Cindy, Robert Flagg and Jazzy Jayne

Steve Brewer, Mark Santini, Phillip Mitchell, Monica, John Prytko, Robert and Cindy Flagg, Gilberto Heredia, Dave DeMaw and Dave Cyr.

In 2009, WWUH continued the tradition of broadcasting the Monday Night Jazz Concerts from Bushnell Park. 

Gilberto, host of Super Sabado

     On Sept. 16 at 8 a.m. engineers started demolishing the WWUH air studio which had been in 24/7 operation since November, 1989!  The current WWUH Engineering Department consisting of Chris Larsen, Chris Marti, Chris Heerma, Ryan Gilligan-Ramsey and John Ramsey were joined by former WWUH engineers Dave Viveiros and Dave Gardiner, both class of '84.

     By noon time on Saturday they had successfully removed all of the furniture, equipment and wiring from the studio.

     By 10 p.m. the same day, the new furniture has been installed and the new audio console set in place.

     At 8 a.m. on Sunday morning the crew resumed their work, and by the end of the day more than a mile of wire had been installed.

     Work continued for the next three days, with wiring and equipment installed and tested.

     The studio went live on the air at 4:35 p.m. on Thursday, 10/1.

This is the beginning of the demolition, 8 am Saturday morning. Removing the furniture, equipment and wiring that has been in place for close to 20 years!

Saturday around noon.  Nearly everything has been removed from the studio.

Engineer Chris Larsen installing the new board.

The new furniture is in and the board has been installed (under blue sheet).  Engineers Dave Gardiner, Ryan Gilligan-Ramsey, Chris Larsen, Chris Heerema and Dave Viveiros pause for a moment during the installation process on Sunday afternoon. Not shown Chris Marti and Aaron Lesky.

Installation work continues on Monday.

The completed studio, Thursday morning.

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