35th Anniversary, 2003

Clark Smidt and Robert Skinner

Steve Berian speaks while station founder Clark Smidt and current WWUH GM John Ramsey look on

Dale and Vivian Maine, Doug Maine, Patty Kurlychek and her husband at the 35th Anniversary party

Dave Gablas, Chuck and Holly Dube

Patty Kurlychek and Doug Maine

Walter and Erika Miskin

Susan Mullis, Mark Delorenzo and his wife, Bob Walsh

Patty Kurlychek and her husband


Spaak, Chuck and Steve

Dale Maine


Bob Skinner and Larry Titus and his wife

Marcia and Cathy

Jim Shannon and Clark Smidt

Bob Walsh and his wife

Dave Nagel, Mark DeLorenzo and Marissa Lindgren

Greg Laxer and Mike Marti

Clem and Marcia with ?

Clem and Roger Stauss

Mark Persky, Clem, Roger Stauss and Stuart Feldman

Chris Larsen, John Ramsey, Holly and Chuck Dube

Mike Kirven

Shirt Display

Ryan Connor and Chris Heerema

Clark and Judy Corcoran

Above top: Marissa Lindgren, Operations Director and Ryan Connor

Middle: Steve Petke and his wife and Jim Christensen

Bottom: Chuck Obuchowski, Jazz Director

Joan Holiday

Clem, Mark and Cathy

Mark Smith

Andy Brownstein

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