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These programs were produced by WWUH volunteer Brandon Kampe for the station's 40th Anniversary in 2008.  Program description at the bottom of the page.  The first hour of the four hour show is available below. The remaining sections will be added in the near future.

Part 1

Track 1, Intro

Track 2, History of FM on Toast (19:41)  The story of WWUH’s longtime morning program. It includes discussion of John Labella’s morning show, which was the precursor to FM on Toast, and the origins of FM on Toast as a soft rock program, and then its transition in later years to a folk music program, through the efforts of the late Bill Domler.     
    Includes:Commentary provided by Charlie Horwitz, Michael Ditkoff, Roger Stauss, Judy Corcoran, Mike  Crispino, John Ramsey, Susan Forbes Hansen, Kevin Lynch, Steve Dietrich, Ed McKeon, Grant Miller and Steve Theaker.

Track 3, New England Fiddle Contest Memories (6:09)  Current and former staff members reminisce about WWUH’s broadcasts of the annual Peace Train New England Fiddle Contest from Bushnell Park in Hartford, beginning in the 1970s.     Commentary provided by: Marcia Simon, John Ramsey, John McDonough, Steve Berian, Kevin Lynch. Archival audio provided by: Larry Bilansky

Track 4, Evolution of our Afternoon Programming (16:24)    
A look back at WWUH’s afternoon programming through the years, and the evolution of the programming from two progressive rock shows (Recess Rock and Afternoon Roll) to the replacement of Recess Rock with the jazz/fusion program Midday Fuse in the late 1970s, and finally, the consolidation of the two programs into the Synthesis program, a 3-hour block featuring a wide variety of music from different genres.     
Commentary provided by: John Ramsey, Doug Maine, Mark Rinas, Bill Yousman, Rob Rosenthal, Reynolds Onderdonk, Grant Miller, Carol Clock, Kevin O’Toole, Gary Levin, Eugene Hazanov, Kevin Lamkins     
    Clips from broadcasts by: Bruce Kampe (Midday Fuse), Doug Maine (Midday Fuse), Reynolds Onderdonk  (Mutant Muzak), Andy Taylor, Mark DeLorenzo, Mike Marti (Marty Party), Eugene Hazanov (Ear Stretcher), Kevin Lamkins (Riot Radio), Dwight Thurston (In the Weeds).  Archival audio provided by: Dave Demaw, Doug Maine, Reynolds Onderdonk.

Track 5, A look at UH Radio Bluegrass (9:21)  A look at WWUH’s popular Saturday morning program, UH Radio Bluegrass. Includes commentary by the people who hosted it the longest - Kevin Lynch, and Country Crash Jim Douglas 
    Includes clips from broadcasts by Kevin Lynch. Archival audio provided by: Kevin Lynch. Streaming audio provided by Steve “The Fixer” Hill.


Track 6, Culture Café (1:53)  Culture Café (1:53)   Brian Grosjean, host of WWUH’s Sunday morning world music program talks about the origins of the program, and the ideas and ideals embodied in the show, which are to teach people thatmusic can be a bridge between different cultures and peoples. Streaming audio provided by Steve “The Fixer” Hill.

Track 7, It’s All Live (5:07)   Staff members talk about It’s All Live, an idea of Development Director Susan Mullis’ that the station try to re-live the ‘good old days of radio’ with an ‘all-day all-live’ broadcast. The resulting three 12-hour radio experiments which have aired three different years have featured live performers and artists all day long. 
Commentary provided by Gary Levin, John Ramsey, Eugene HazanovClips from broadcasts by Ed McKeon, Bill Measom, Chuck Obuchowski

Track 8 and 9 Conclusion: (2:33 Total) A reading of the names of WWUH staff members who have passed  away, and then some final comments about the station and its history by Mark Helpern, John McDonough, Harvey Jassem, and Marcia Simon

Track 9, Conclusion:

Track 6, Culture Café (1:53)Track 7, It’s All Live (5:07) Track 9, Conclusion: 

 WWUH 40TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL – PART 2 – Jazz and Classical Programming

(Total Running Time for Part 2: 1:03:24)

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: Tuesday March 17, 2009 at 1:00 PM

Track 1 – Program Introduction (:30)

Tracks 2 & 3 - Jazz Memories from WWUH Jazz Hosts (13:42 Total)











WWUH has included jazz music programming on its schedule from its very first day on the air in 1968. In this segment, we talk to several former and current hosts of WWUH’s two long running jazz programs – Morning Jazz and Accent on Jazz, and also look back at WWUH’s coverage of special jazz events in greater Hartford including Peace-Train and CRT jazz concerts from Bushnell Park and broadcasts of the Hall High School Pops n Jazz.

Includes commentary by: Annie Gray “Firefly”, Mark Smith, Leora Dowling, Jim Bolan, Mike Crispino, Peter Michaelson, Donna Giddings, Bruce Kampe, the late Gene Solon, Sue Terry, Tom Bolan, Mark Channon, John Ramsey

Clips from shows by: Jim Bolan, Mike Crispino (interviewing the late great jazz pianist Bill Evans), Donna Giddings, Bruce Kampe, Doug Maine w Gene Solon as guest, Tom Bolan, Doug Maine with Harvey Jassem at

West Indian Social club (alt. venue for Bushnell Park concerts).

Includes archival audio provided by Doug Maine, Bruce Kampe, John Ramsey, Streaming audio provided by Steve “The Fixer” Hill


 Track 4 - A Tribute to the late Mort Fega (6:16)





Veteran New York City jazz radio announcer and record producer Mort Fega joined the WWUH jazz staff in the mid-1970s, raising the profile of WWUH in the greater Hartford jazz community, and also boosting the station’s fundraising efforts. Mort hosted Tuesday night Accent on Jazz and a five hour block of jazz programming on Saturday afternoons, called Focus on Jazz, through the early 1980s.

Commentary by Steve Nichols, Mark Smith, Doug Maine, Tom Bolan, Peter Michaelson, Rob Rosenthal, Maurice Robertson, Leora Dowling, Mark Channon


Track 5 – “You’re Listening to the WWUH 40th Anniversary Special (0:04)

Track 6 - Reflections on our Current Jazz Staff (10:47)

The current WWUH director of jazz programming, Chuck Obuchowski, provides an overview of the current hosts of Morning Jazz and Accent on Jazz.

Includes commentary by Chuck Obuchowski, Dean Hildebrandt, Maurice Robertson, Mark Channon, Peter Michaelson

Includes clips from Morning Jazz with Dean Hildebrandt, Bob Celmer, Mark Channon, and Pete LeBlanc and  clips from Accent on Jazz with Jazzy Jane, Maurice Robertson, (Accent on Creative Music and an excerpt with an interview with the late jazz vocalist Betty Carter), Bob Celmer and Doug Maine with Dave Eberle.

Archival audio provided by Bruce Kampe, Doug Maine, and John Ramsey and Chris Larsen. Streaming audio provided by Steve “The Fixer” Hill. 


















































Track 7 - A Tribute to the late Terry Weichand (6:02)

Terry Weichand hosted the Friday-edition of Morning Jazz from 1989 until shortly before his death from cancer in November 2007. Several current and former staff members reflect on his memory.

Includes commentary by Marcia Simon, Peter Michaelson, the late Terry Weichand (recorded in Dec. 2005), Dean Hildebrandt and Chuck Obuchowski.








Track 8 – “You’re Listening to the WWUH 40th Anniversary Special (0:04)

Track 9 - Memories of ourClassical Programming (23:22)








 Over the years, WWUH has maintained a strong commitment to classical music programming. This has included regular weekday programs such as Evening Classics (originally Evening Dinner Classics), and in the  early years, there was also Morning Classics. Among the programs discussed are Music From Hartt (a series of live concerts from the Hartt School of Music), our Sunday afternoon opera programming (Opera Matinee and later Sunday Afternoon at the Opera), our brief affiliation with the Texaco Metropolitan Opera, as well as Suites For a Sunday Morn, and Bach’s Back Yard. Former WWUH general manager Dale Maine also talks about WTIC-FM’s switch from classical music to pop, and their loan of the WTIC classical music library to WWUH.

Also included is a discussion of our current classical programming, and clips of our current classical programming.

Includes commentary by Clark Smidt, Neil Portnoy, Marcia Simon, Michael Ditkoff, Joe Terzo, Keith Brown, Dale Maine, John Ramsey, Keith Barrett, Doug Maine, David Buddington, Will Mackey, Larry Bilansky

Includes clips from Evening Classics with Keith Barrett, David Buddington, Scott Deshefy, David Schonfeld, Michael Dolan, Steve Petke, Larry Bilansky and Sunday Afternoon at the Opera with Keith Brown.

Streaming audio provided by Steve “The Fixer” Hill.















Track 10 and 11 Conclusion: (2:33 Total) A reading of the names of WWUH staff members who have passed  away, and then some final comments about the station and its history by Mark Helpern, John McDonough, Harvey Jassem, and Marcia Simon. Goodbye messages from Johnny, Billy, and Lilly.



Blimpworks, The All Nite Show and several Specialty Shows

(Total Running Time for Part 3: 1:01:24)

Track 1 – Program Introduction (:30)

Track 2 History of the Gothic Blimpworks (16:03)








Greater Hartford’s first progressive rock program was the Gothic Blimpworks, which debuted on WWUH during the late 1960s. Dozens of people have hosted the program through the years, and it has evolved into a free-form program, mixing music from many different genres. In this segment, we talk to some current and former hosts of the program, and include clips from the program over the years.

Includes commentary by John Ramsey, Charlie Horwitz, Kevin “The Moondog” O’Toole, Jim Shannon, Tom Bolan, Andy Zeldin, and Grant Miller.

Clips include Jim Fifield (The Burrito), Roger Stauss (as Roger Long), Tom Bolan, Dave Demaw, Jim Bolan, Mark DeLorenzo, John Scott, Lloyd Weir, Kayla and Matt (Breaking Day), Pat Feniello (Lights Out), Abe (A to Z show), Al, Dangerous Dane (Music You Deserve to Hear), and Moondog (Call it Thing).








 Track 3 Remembering Burrito (1:21)

Jim Fifield, known to the staff as “Burrito” hosted many different shows over the years including rock, bluegrass, and he even did a stint as the director of classical programming. But Burrito, who passed away at too young an age, was perhaps best known for his rock shows, and as a wizard in the production studio, who could create amazing audio from scissors and tape.

Includes commentary by Leora Dowling, Steve Nichols, Ed Stivender, and Sue Terry.

Track 4 History of the All Night Show (13:11)

The All Night Show, airing every day from 3AM to 6AM, is another free-form slot, where you never know just who or what you’re going to hear. It’s always different depending upon who is doing the show, and where their musical interests take them.

Includes commentary by Charlie Horwitz, Mark Rinas, Bill Yousman, Sue Terry, Mark Rinas, Eugene Hazanov, Steve Brewer. Clips of Burrito, Bobby Gomes (Early Morning Jams), Aldo (The Open Door), Spreadlove (The Vehicle), John with Johnny and Billy, Steve Brewer (Country Classics) with interviews of Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman from the Six Million Dollar Man), and Oscar-winning actor Ernest Borgnine, Sam Scozzari, and McNal Allision (Gospel Cavalcade).








Track 5 – “You’re Listening to the WWUH 40th Anniversary Special” (0:04)

Track 6 – “Over 4 decades, WWUH has had a wide variety of specialty shows ….we’re going to survey just some of those shows - past and present” (0:17)

Track 7 Italian Programming of the Carosello Musical Italiano (3:56)








Tony Magno began hosting a weekly Italian radio program in greater Hartford back in 1971. Since 1984,

WWUH has been the home to the Carosello Musical Italiano program he hosts with his brother Carlo. The program features all kinds of Italian music plus news of events of interest to the Italian community.








Track 8 Sunday Night Shows – The Greatest Show From Earth (6:05)

Former program director Brian Lord convinced Mark Persky to start a Sunday night comedy/variety show on WWUH. Originally called, God Presents Adam and Eve’s Cavalcade of Stars, the program was later renamed The Greatest Show From Earth and became a mixture of rock, electronic music, fusion, and the spoken word.

The current host, Mark Delorenzo (The Voice of Delorenzoid) has continued this tradition.

Includes commentary by Dave Demaw, Mark Persky, Clark Smidt, and Mark Rinas

Clips of Mark Persky (God Presents Adam and Eve’s Cavalcade of Stars), Buffalo Bob Smith interview, Dave  Demaw, Mark Rinas, Mark Delorenzo (the Voice of Delorenzoid)

 Track 9 Ambience (:43)








A short clip of Susan, hosting the popular Sunday morning electronic music program.

Track 10 Radio Drama and Company One (2:03)

A local theater group, Company One, approached WWUH about using our facilities to host a radio drama workshop conducted by David Ossman of the Firesign Theater comedy group. WWUH agreed, and also  broadcast the final program on the air. Includes commentary by Kevin O’Toole, and John Ramsey and clips from the Company One Radio Theater production, The George Tirebiter Story – Mexican Overdrive.

Track 11 Culture Dogs (2:36)

WWUH’s in-house film critics, Kevin O’Toole and Sam Hatch began their movie review segment on the Friday

Gothic Blimpworks show. Today, in its Sunday night location, Sam and Kevin’s Culture Dogs program continues to provide listeners with reviews and news of the latest movies from Hollywood and independent film makers around the world.

Track 12 Street Corner Serenade (1:36)

Doug Sterbenz, the host of the Saturday afternoon doo-wop/oldies show, talks about how he came to do the show.

Track 13 – “You’re Listening to the WWUH 40th Anniversary Special” (0:04)

Track 14 Bob Katz remembers The Katz Meow (1:08)








Bob Katz, a renowned sound engineer in the music industry, who has authored books on audio engineering and done sound mixing for numerous recording artists and albums, talks about his early days at WWUH.

Track 15 “Wild” Wayne Jones talks about The Rock and Roll Memory Machine (5:11)

Another very popular program, and New England’s longest running oldies radio show, The Rock and Roll Memory Machine, was started in 1976 by “Wild” Wayne Jones. “Wild” Wayne talks about the origins of the show, and about the many guests who have appeared on air over the years.

Track 16 Blue Monday (0:59)







A short clip of Bart Bozzi and WWUH’s long running blues program, Blue Monday..

Track 17 DJ Magnum talks about West Indian Rhythms (2:54)

For over 30 years, West Indian Rhythms has been the premiere on-air home for reggae music in greater Hartford. One of the current hosts, DJ Magnum, talks about the history of the program.

 Track 18 and 19 Conclusion: (2:33 Total) A reading of the names of WWUH staff members who have passed away, and then some final comments about the station and its history by Mark Helpern, John McDonough, Harvey Jassem, and Marcia Simon. Goodbye messages from Johnny, Billy, and Lilly.


Programming and Specialty Programming

(Total Running Time for Part 4: 1:08:18)

ORIGINAL AIRDATE: Thursday March 19, 2009 at 1:00 PM


Track 1 – Program Introduction (:30)

Track 2 – Public Affairs Programming – Past and Present (31:25)



















WWUH has a long history of presenting programming on issues of public interest. In this segment we look at the importance of public affairs programming.

Includes commentary by: John Ramsey, Patty Kurlycheck, Mike DeRosa, Kevin Lamkins, Dave Rosa, Bruce Kampe and John Longobardi


Include clips from a 1975 discussion on abortion with Carolyn Allen from the On the Status of Women program hosted by Pat Lawrence, another discussion of care for the elderly, excerpts from Assassination Journal with George-Michael Evica, the Artist’s Corner program (Doug Maine interviewing pianist Dave Ramsey), Jackie Peart Insight promo, Soapbox with Rob Tyrka, 911 Wakeup Call with Cheryl, Kevin Lamkins and Dave Rosa of Radioactive discuss coverage of the government response to Hurricane Katrina, Mike DeRosa’s New Focus program, Gay Spirit hosted by Keith Brown, The Shortwave Alternative, The Refrigerator Club with Frank Butash and UH Presents excerpts with Henry Kissinger and Dr. Helen Caldicott.

Archival audio provided by Kevin Lamkins, John Ramsey, Dwight Thurston, Doug Maine, Dave Demaw, and Bruce Kampe.

Streaming audio provided by Steve “The Fixer” Hill.

Track 3 – “You’re Listening to the WWUH 40th Anniversary Special” (0:04)

Track 4 – “Over 4 decades, WWUH has had a wide variety of specialty shows ….we’re going to survey just some of those shows - past and present” (0:17)

Track 5 - A Tribute to Mel Peppers (Maceo Woods) (3:28) 







Mel Peppers, our first soul announcer, is remembered by several staff members including Clark Smidt, Charlie Horwitz, and Judy Corcoran. His on-air name was Maceo Woods, and he was so popular, his show turned up regularly in the Arbitron ratings. No one really knows what happened to him after his days at ‘UH. As Charlie Horwitz says “…he left the group consciousness, it seems, so no one really knows whether he’s alive or dead – I’m hoping that he’s happy and successful and has a lot of kids”. Includes clips from the Maceo Woods program.

Track 6 – Remembering Myth America (8:22)

In the late 70s, author and storyteller Ed Stivender, together with a group of local performers, put together a weekly comedy/satire program called Myth America that is remembered by many as one of the most creative  programs ever aired on WWUH. Includes clips from the show, along with commentary by Ed Stivender, Steve Nichols, and John McDonnough. Special thanks to James Brown and Steve Nichols for providing clips from the Myth America program.

Track 7 – Cultura E Vida (5:09)

Enrique and Ruben talk about WWUH’s long running weekly Portuguese program – Cultura E Vida. For more than 3 decades, WWUH has offered a weekly music program for the Portuguese community – for most of that time, hosted by Enrique. In recent years, Ruben has joined the team and brought his own style and approach to the program, while still maintaining the traditions established by Enrique.


Track 8 – “You’re Listening to the WWUH 40th Anniversary Special” (0:04)

Track 9 – History of Geetanjali (6:21)


For more than three decades, one of WWUH’s most popular programs has aired on Friday nights – a weekly program of Indian music and culture called Geetanjali. Vijay Dixit, one of the early hosts of Geetanjali, and Monica, its current host, reflect on the role of Geetanjali in the Indian community. The program name, which means “a musical offering” identifies the mission of the program which is to bring people from different cultures together through music.


Track 10 – “You’re Listening to the WWUH 40th Anniversary Special” (0:04)

Track 11 – The story of Super Sabado (2:42)


Gilberto Heredia, a native of Peru, and collector of all kinds of salsa music, talks about his long-running weekly salsa program, Super Sabado.



















Track 12 – John Prytko and Polka Madness (2:50)

John Prytko, host of the weekly Polka Madness show, tells a story about assisting a new University of Hartford  student, just off the plane from Australia.


 Track 13 – The history of Tevynes Garsai – the Lithuanian Radio Hour (4:13)

Al Dzikas talks about the history of the Lithuanian Radio Hour, which began on commercial radio over 50 years ago, and came to WWUH in 1990. Sadly, Al passed away unexpectedly, a few months after this interview was recorded.


Tracks 14 and 15 Conclusion: (2:33 Total) A reading of the names of WWUH staff members who have passed away, and then some final comments about the station and its history by Mark Helpern, John McDonough, Harvey Jassem, and Marcia Simon. Goodbye messages from Johnny, Billy, and Lilly.












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