In March, 2010, SBE Chapter 14 toured the Waterbury CT ATT Central Office.  These pictures are from the tour.  For more information on the SBE go to http://sbe14.com.

Above:  Cable vault in the basement, where hundreds of 2,000 pair cables come in from the street.

12 vertical feet of twisted pair.

80' wall of blocks.

Explosion-proof phone in the cable vault.

Control station for the massive 1A switch installed in 1965 and retired in 2000.

"State of the Art" Digital Clock, c. 1965

Some of the original wiring, dating back to the '40s, with (pre-plastic) wooden wire-guides and solder type (non-punch block) connections!

This is an old, 6 track audio playback unit used to playback automated operator messages such as "The number you have reached is not in service at this time".  Note the heavy duty contruction and the pool of lubricate at the bottom of the drum.

With hundreds of miles of wire cable management is extremely important.  These wires running in a vertical riser have to be twisted in a specific way in order for them to align properly with the facilities above.

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