This picture is of the WWUH transmitter building on Avon Mountain, 40 years before WWUH came on the air.  The building was originally used as the center tuning house for WTIC AM and in the picture above it can be seen sitting between the two original AM towers.

Early, 1971, air studio


The first air board

Bob Katz and John Anderson preparing for a live broadcast from Suissman Lounge. 1975

Engineers Charlie Allen and Jon Anderson supervise live broadcast from the Hartford Civic Center, center court, 1976.  L-R: Charlie Allen, John Anderson, Dave Parsons, Mimi Spillane.

Dave Gardiner adjusting an antenna on the Gengras tower, 1981

Gengras STL rack, 1979

JR on top of the same tower, 1980

1981 picture of the transmitter

Transmitter site on Avon Mountain. 1982 photo.

Temporary mixing and recording set up for live broadcast of the band "Holding Pattern" from Lincoln Theater.  Engineer Dave Gardiner is in the top photo, Dave Viveiros in the middle picture, from 1984.

WWUH's first antenna on Avon Mountain, the three objects in the upper left.

WWUH Transmitter shack on Avon Mountain, 2007

A view only an engineer could love, looking up the old 90' GSU STL tower

Engineer Ken Kalish, 1971

Engineering Advisor Ed Nelson supervises assembly of new antenna, 1988.

STL Site

WRCH's engineer Lee Steele helps repair an STL cable
on Avon Mountain. 1981.

Ecom members getting their hands dirty (and getting Poison Ivy) at the tower site while they help dig up a faulty line.
L-R, Tanya Weiman, Allison Masloe, Stuart Werner, Grant Miller and Alan Livermore.

Dave Viveiros takes a break at the last Fiddle Contest of the eighties.

Engineer Jim McGivern, 1977 

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

The studio got a new, 100kw, emergency power generator in 1998 with enough fuel for well over two weeks operation during a power failure

Engineer Chuck Dube in the old Tech Room in Gengras

WWUH Engineers Larry Titus (top) and Steve Berian (bottom) being interviewed by Grant Miller at the 20th Anniversary picnic in 1988.

Engineer Dave Gablas

Upper: Newly renovated recording studio. 1993.
Lower: Master Mixer Dave Gardiner during Folk Next Door II

Top:  Engineer Dave Vivieros, 1993
Bottom: Engineer Albert H, 1994

Gengras tower

Chuck Dube, Chris Marti and Dave Viveiros

Chris Larsen - IT Director

Chuck Dube mixing Folk Next Door

New campus generators

Transmitter site, 1982

Above: Its All Live broadcast.
Lower: Chris Heerema and Chris Larsen, 2001.

Live broadcast of Fireworks from Rockwell Country Club
 in West Hartford

Chris Larsen and Kevin Lynch

1985 New England Fiddle Contest in Pope Park.
Upper: Dave Gardiner
Lower:  JR and host John Merino

1985 air studio, no CD player yet!

Production racks, 1982

Engineer Bonnie Hast, 1999

New antenna being installed, 1995

Studio Generator

Chris Larsen engineering a Bushnell Park jazz broadcast.

STL Rack, 2005

Engineer Chris Heerema, 2003

Engineers prepare to remove the radioactive core
from the WWUH transmitter on Avon Mtn.

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