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Dave Parsons said:   August 11, 2014 7:38 am PST
I did mid-days 5 days a week at WWUH in the mid-70's. Awesome radio station. I made great friends there and I miss them all.

Clem Infante said:   March 11, 2014 1:01 pm PST
I just happened to find WWUH web page and started down memory lane. I had been working at WLIR in New York and my friend Cathy and I moved north to Hartford hoping to do some radio. We met Marcia Simon who was either the manager of the station or program director. I can't remember which. She needed some fill ins and gave me a chance to do radio at WWUH graveyard shift three nights a week. I know all those cool women and guys from 1973 to 1977. My picture with May Atkinson is the last one on the 1975 Photo Gallery with the long dark hair. WWUH gave me my big opportunity to work at WHCN. The program director at the time, George Taylor Morris, heard me one night and asked me to do an air check for him. I did fill ins whenever someone was out and graveyard shifts more often. Best time of my life.

Hank Mishkoff said:   May 12, 2013 6:09 am PST
I was on the air on WWUH starting shortly after arriving at UH in the fall of 1968. (I had a little experience, having done a morning show on WVBR at Cornell the year before.) I did shows on and off for a few years, including an interview show for a while (which started accidentally with the "Paul McCartney Is Dead" craze, but that's a whole other story). A few years after that, I had dropped out of UH and was rooming with Mark Persky, who had graduated, but who still used to do a show at night. Every once in a while, if I was in the right mood (and still awake), I'd drive over to the station as Mark was finishing up and do a late-night show (if I could catch him before he shut down) until I was too tired to go on. It was lots of fun, and nobody at the station seemed to mind that arrangement. I'm guessing that things aren't run quite as casually now as they were then, which is good and bad. :)

Jim Senich said:   January 16, 2013 10:09 am PST
Enjoy your website. Enjoy reading about and listening to station for which worked at times as a disc-jocky, sports announcer, talk show host,etc. Didn' t achieve large salaries but loved getting behind the mic. Would appreciate hearing former colleagues and/or listeners. Worked at: WLAD, WBRY WNAB, WICC, WNTY, WATR & WBIA (AUGUSTA, GEORGIA, WHILE STATIONED AT FORT GORDON. All thei best and keep up the good work, Jim Senich

William Harrison said:   February 28, 2012 6:56 am PST
Listened to your station for the first time yesterday as I drove by Hartford on way back from Nova Scotia to New York. What a wonderful breath of fresh air!!! Keep up the great work.

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