Marathon at the Hartford Civic Center

Charlie Allen, John Anderson, ? and Mimi Spillane

Dave Demaw


Stuart Werner answering phones

What year?


George Michael Evica and Mike DeRosa pitching during Marathon '04.

Traditonally the studio was decorated for Marathon as you can see in this picture from 2006.

Business Manager Art Greene busy processing Marathon pledges.

Dwight Thurston displaying pledge cards during Marathon '04.

VIPs would often stop by during Marathon to lend a hand on the air

Avove:  Two examples of Marathon Premiums.  A sheatshirt and a WWUH-produced folk CD.

Sometimes there aren't enough people to answer phones.

Post-Marathon party, 2009

Launches Marathon, as in the first WWUH Marathon in 1971

A marathon of a different kind.  In 1972 WWUH broadast live from the Newington Children's home and raised $700 for that organization.

For years live performances in the Pub were part of WWUH's annual Marathon.

Someone has to do it.  Business Manager counting proceeds from Marathon party.

Marathon Party in Suissman Lounge

Listener Joel "Hello UH" makes a donation in-person at Marathon party in the late seventies.

Volunteers Tina Podlowski, Fred Hull and Marty Peshka clown around
in the phone room during Marathon.

"Nobody knows the pressure" put on Marathon Directors like Tina Podlowski to make sure the event is a success.

GM Patty Kurlychek supervising the Marathon phone room in Gengras in 1980

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