Studios Through the Year

WWUH's first studio.  Founder Clark Smidt with unidentified student, 1968.

Clark Smidt, Ken Kalish and Ed Nelson in early WWUH studio

Tibor Banlaki in early Production Studio, 1968

Unidentified student in News Booth

Unidentified announcer in 1971 air studio

WWUH-AM studio

Production studio, 1969

Production Studio, 1971

Maceo Woods with the brand new Fairchild Air Board, 1972.  Supposedly this was the first linear fader, slide pot board in any state radio station.

Looking into the FM studio from the AM studio. Note the overhead equipment racks and the stereo cart machines

In the left of this photo you can see a corner of a brand new Scully 280B reel to reel recorder, one of two purchased by the station in 1972.  The machines were in use until 1989

Program Director Marcia Simon in Air, 1973

Business Manager Mark Smith in Air, 1975.

Another view of Production, with Mark Persky at the controls and Hartford's Mayor at the mic.

Production Director Jim Fifield at the controls of the brand new Autogram Production console in 1977

Shelly Hassman in Air in 1979.  Note that the rim-drive turntables have been replaced with state of the art Technics SP-10D, MkII's!  These turntables were mounted in sound filled pedistals and are still in use today!

Newly renovated Air Studio in 1980.

Air studio, 1982 with Vinny Fuerst at the controls

1982 was the year of a major productions studio upgrade

Air Board, 1985

Alan Livemore in Production, 1985

Grant Miller in the 1986 air studio.  Note improves monitor speakers and the Revon CD player in the rack on left, the station's first

1987 Air Studio with RE-20 microphone.

View of air studio equipment rack.  Top to bottom: STL metering and control, QEI modulation monitor, RF amp, off-air monitor, Moseley remote control, EBS system, patch bays, door controller, Tascam cassette, Revox CD player, reel to reel machine.  Donna Giddings.

Air studio in 1988 showing guest area. Bill Domler, Sean Breannan and Ed McKeon

1988 Production Studio

Engineer Bruce Kampe wiring up the new studios in the Gray Center

New Air studio being wired in 1989

Production studio in the Gray Center under construction, 1989

Brand new air studio, 1989

Vanessa Cooper in air studio, 1991

Laura Grabsch and Doug Maine recording Marathon promos in the Production studio, 1992

Engineer Chuck Dube using the new Audioarts 24 x 8 x 2 console in the WWUH Recording Studio during Folk Next Door 2.

View of the Recording Control room, 1993

1995 Air Studio, Tim Costa

1996 Air Studio.  Note larger security monitors, RE-20s all around and Neon sign donated by listener

Air, 2001, note 3 CD players and computerized on-line playlist system.

Mark Helpern conducting training session in Production, 2007

Production 2002, note new Macky powered monitors.

Photos of the 2009 studio renovation.

The engineering crew pauses during studio renovations for a photo.  L-R Dave Gardiner, Ryan Gilligan-Ramsey, Chris Larsen, Chris Heerema and Dave Viveiros.  Not shown Chris Marti and John Ramsey.

Completed studio built around a Pacific RMX Digital board.

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